2019  RODEO

 Double B Agricultural Festival  Sept 6-8, 2019

 MB High School Rodeo - Beausejour - 2019-09-06 

 Darryl Gershman  - Photographer 

Check out pictures from the MB High School Rodeo that took place on Friday at this year's Double B Agricultural Show.

 Double B Ag Festival  -Wool Riders  2019-09-08

  Darryl Gershman  - Photographer 

 Here come today's Wool Riders or as they are also known, Muttin Busters. Looks like fun at the Double B Ag Fest Rodeo in Beausejour. 

Whats Happened at this years Rodeo

SEPT 6 - 8 2019


 Sept 6th 7th and 8th 2019 

The Double B Agricultural Festival (formerly the "Double B Rodeo and Country Fair") is the premier summer event in the Beausejour Brokenhead area. The sanctioned Semipro rodeo along with the Manitoba High School Rodeo provide fans with excitement all weekend in September. Along with the ag displays, chainsaw carving jamboree, petting zoo, parade and fireworks this weekend is full of events for all ages. 


Sept 6th - 8th 2019

  After being a member of the Winnipeg Police force for 18 years, Robert Mills retired in 1969. A few months later he met an old army buddy who was operating a 5 ride carnival. He asked Robert to sell tickets one weekend in which he did. At the time the rides were 25 cents. Robert saw all the quarters coming in and it was then that he thought this would be a good business to be in!
  The following weekend his wife June sold candy floss, Robert Jr. worked the swing ride, while the youngest son, Jim operated a car ride. They all continued the 1969 season on that small show.
In the Fall of ’69 three rides were for sale from a fellow in Minnedosa, Manitoba. A 20 ft Ferris Wheel, a Swing Ride and a Car Ride as well as a small generator and a cotton candy machine. They sold for $1600 for all. Robert Sr. took all the money he had in the bank and purchased this small show, along with some trucks. June thought spending their savings on ridiculous equipment was foolish!
  In 1970 with their two sons, Robert Jr. and Jim, the family hit the road. Their first spot was a legion fundraiser, in which Robert Sr. thought he won the lottery! From that day on, the show grew, as did his two sons. By 1980, Select Shows had 10 rides and had become too large for the small spots they were playing
Since 1982 the show has grown to 20 rides. The show still operates in 2 to 3 units (when needed, but mostly travel together as one large show). Today Jim and Michele, along with their sons Eric and Cory and their daughter Ashley operate Select Shows.


 Sept 7th starting a 10 am 

 Sept 7th starting a 10 am at the SunGro Centre. Marshalling starts at 9 am with the Beausejour Lions coordinating the event with our parade crew. Entry is just showing up with your float, crew, vehicle or equipment. Some limitations are in place due to the highway traffic act and the residential streets the parade travels. Keeping in mind the safety of the children and parents we encourage all candy to be handed to the children or parents lining the parade route. Insurance regulations now require that all handouts are not to be thrown from moving vehicles or equipment. 


Double B Agricultural Fesitval in Beausejour, Manitoba